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Tuesday, February 23

Santorini Greece Tours

Assalamualaikum and hai everyone

Today after a loooooong time haven't written anything, i am going to share about my last trip to Greece. Not the whole Greece coz it will take forever to finish. There are alot of nice places in Greece. So today I'm just going to share about Santorini. 

Santorini is an island in the southern Aegean Sea about 200 km southeast of Greece's mainland. Santorini is an island formed by a volcanic eruption. U can go to Santorini by boat or by flight . We took a flight from Athens to Santorini which costs only 9.99€ one way. Now everyone can fly (^_^)

So the first thing is the transport in Santorini. For those who can drive, u can rent a car. This is the most convenient way to move around Santorini. But for those who are like us, who are only have license on paper but no confidence to drive, don't worry, there are public buses that go to all tourist attractions in Santorini. So no worry. Bus tiket is 1.20€ one way. The buses are not that frequent. One bus every hour. But it is enough. In summer u can even rent a motorcycle or bicycle.

Fira is the capital of Santorini. This is the place to eat and to buy souvenir. Here we can see all those white cubic houses built on hillside. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunset view here if u are lucky enough. Haha. Because we weren't that lucky. We waited for the sunset but the cloud was too thick and we couldn't see the sun set. Its okay. We have then a reason to come back here. Next trip aim: Santorini sunset! Haha positive sangat.
Cubic Houses
Practice selfie while waiting for the sunset. Yes we both are really bad with selfie!
Sunset from google image
#2 Volcanic Island
As stated above, Santorini is formed from a volcanic eruption, so there is a small Volcanic Island where u can walk around in the remains of an ancient volcano. Don't be afraid, it will not explode. I think it is not an active volcano anymore. but if it does, then u can record and upload in facebook, youtube or instagram to get million views (if u are still alive) Here u need a really good shoes and a good stamina! It tooks about 30 to 40 minutes to reach the top.

This is how the Volcanic Island looks like

Hiking dan terus hiking
Breathtaking view from the top

U have to take a ferry from the Old Port in Fira to go to the Volcanic Island.The thing is i really dont't understand why it is so expensive. It costs around 30€. I think u can get cheaper price by booking online or something. The place is nice but 30€ is too much. We don't even have any tour guide. They just leave us there and asking us to come back after one and half hour.

Jalan ke port

#3 Red beach

Red Beach is listed in the "Top 10 to do things in Santorini". But i don't know why coz i don't see anything special about it and the beach is not even red. I dont know why they name it red beach. Maybe it looks different in summer. It becomes red maybe. I don't know because we went during winter. Yeaah another reason to come back. Aim: Summer in Santorini. Haha
#4 Oia
Last but not least. Oia is the symbol of Santorini. U can also enjoy the sunset view here but we didn't. Its not because we don't want, but we have to catch the last bus back to the hotel. We actually almost missed this place because we thought there's nothing special here. Luckily we were chatting with other tourist and asked him about Oia and he said we must go here. Yes this is a MUST to go place. U can miss the other places but not this one. And why? Lets photos tell u why (^_^) 

There are not much places in Europe that i want to visit again, but Greece especially Santorini is one of the place i wish to visit again. Plus i have to fulfill my wishes. I haven't seen the beautiful sunset view and i haven't seen the beach turns red haha



  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah sebelum ni never thought of going to greece tp skrang ni nak pi visit sana gakkkkkkkkkkkkkk <3

  2. a good travel journal...
    keep on writing

  3. a good travel journal
    keep on writing

  4. Santorini is sooo beautiful. Hope I'll go there someday c:

  5. BESTNYAAAA. nak jugaaaa pergi oversea sambung study

  6. bestnyaaa!!! teringin nak pergi. in shaa Allah one day.:)

    btw, sy singgah dan follow awaa sekali.#134.jemputt:)

  7. My gosh , This is trully "awesomeness" level to the max . I saw this beautiful scenery on discovery channel only ( haha ) but you have been there for real . You havent see a beautiful sunset and red sea yet but a foot steps being there only , but for me , that was a complete achievement haha. Pretty nice place , I don't know when I've got an opportunity like yours but definitely one of my list either . Nice post :)

  8. wah best gilerrr.. hahaha... nice kak.. tahniah dapat ke sana dah.. ^^

    shawal datang singgah + follow sini.. :)

    jemput join GA Shawal.. ^^


  9. wahh betol2 setahun x update blog... canteknya santorini!!

  10. wahhh so so so pretty n beautiful, lucky u! :D

    hopefully i can jejak kaki ke sana jua satu hari nnt