A pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity An optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty

Friday, November 23

Dua Puluh Satu (^_^)

oh tua dah
 dua puluh satu tahun dah
matang kan3

thanx a lot kepada semua yang wish
facebook whatsapp sms line email ext.
hopefully all ur wishes will come true
coz everybody wished
"may Allah bless u always"
so i'll be blessed always =) 

but however we have to give our best 
n make an effort
so that we'll always be blessed by Him iA
hopefully this year will be better than last year

and also
thanx for the present
and the upcoming present haha
perasan je kan =)
anyway thanx =)

akak ni kasi adiah pemadam 
and dia kata pemadam mungkin boleh padamkan kesalahan
but dosa? 
muhasabah3 haha
and i guessed this is a present from Him
sweet sangat kan =)
thanx for the great present
sangat indah macam lukisan

when a baby is born, he is not the one who made the effort
his mother is the one who worked really hard to give birth to him
so birthday girl or birthday boy is not the one whom 
we should be celebrating
but instead
 his mom

so thanx a lot mama =)
hadiah dah post kan untuk mama hihi
kira rasuah la tu
coz i couldn't make u smile everyday at the moment
because of our situation right know
but i promise, if God give us time
and we'll be together again
i'll make sure u smile every second
eh mcm melampau sangat je
everyday la hehe
thanx again =)

“Kami perintahkan kepada manusia supaya berbuat baik kepada dua orang ibu bapanya, 
ibunya mengandungnya dengan susah payah,
 dan melahirkannya dengan susah payah (pula).
Tempoh mengandung sampai tempoh menceraikan susunya adalah tiga puluh bulan,
(Q.S Al Ahqaaf, 46:15)
keep praying keep thanking keep smiling
keep thinking positive and everything will be fine =)

selamat malam
tschüss und viel Erfolg =)

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