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Saturday, June 4


Thanx so much to

1) Him
2) Lau Tian Eu for the Deutsch and English and Malay explanation
3) Hamiz for the explanation and bubur mihun (haha~anyway sedap)
4) President for the spot question
5) Raphael for the notes
6) Saiful for the group work
7) semua org yg mendoakan

why why why am i thanking
bcoz i score full mark for the chemistry exam
(chemistry exm yg ngeng tuh~ORAL)
waa sgt gembira sekali
thanx ya
thanx soooo much
thanx for ur support
i really appreciate it
(KFC jew ek t~lbih2 xdak)
alamak,, lupa pulak
thanx jugak kepada pemeriksa 
and our beloved lecturer HERR FRANZ
danke schoen