A pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity An optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty

Monday, May 30


It takes years to build up trust
and only seconds to destroy it
sekali ditipu pasti ingat selamanya
terutama sekali apabila ditipu oleh orang yang kita betul2 percaya
macam mana nak percaya balik ya?
bila dah mula nak percaya
hati terdetik
"kalau aku ditpu lagi?"
kesian jugak kalau sebenarnya orang itu betol2 nak berubah
every human being should have their second chance
tp hati terdetik lagi
"betulkah dia dah berubah?"
Trust is like a vase.. once it's broken, 
though you can fix it 
the vase will never be same again
1) give them second chance (it's really hard)
2) don't trust them as much as before
3) ask their friends or family when u are curious 
    whether they are telling the truth or not 
    (but make sure that person is not on their side and can be trusted)
4) hack them as much as u can 
    (FB, Myspace, Twitter, Handphone ext.)
5) no revenge please becoz it will never has an ending
6) don't ever give them third chance

1) ask for forgiveness (ikhlas ya)
2) try to make them trust u back by doing things that they want u to do
3) don't give so much excuses, be honest, tell the truth, 
4) accept when they scold u and please don't fight back
5) don't u ever repeat that mistake 
    becoz there has only second chance and no more third chance
6) never give up 

when u cheat someone who really trust u
u will never know
how hard for that person to accept it
and  how hard for that person to trust u back
until u are being cheated by someone u really trust
then u know how it feels

i'm not upset that u lied to me, 
I'm upset that from now on I can't believe u
If u have made mistakes, even serious ones, 
there is always another chance for u.
Cheers to a new year and another chance for u to get it right.
One who makes no mistakes never makes anything


  1. hey3,,ni knpe nie....awk frust kt sape ni?

  2. Trust is like Virginity, once you lose it you will NEVER get it back.


  3. sbaq na akak...
    bese r..manusia...