A pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity An optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty

Tuesday, May 10

Owh terumbang ambing

owh hidup sangat terumbang ambing
waktu Malaysia sama sepanjang tahun
waktu solat,, waktu puasa,, it's just plus minus 1 2 minutes
but here,, waa so different
now is only spring not yet summer
but i can't stand it
how come it's already 9.30pm but its still sunny outside
and around 4 o'clock in the morning 
matahari sudah mula menunjukkan diri
it's hard to sleep because 5 o'clock looks like 8pm or 9pm
macam mana lah bulan puasa nanti
around 3 o'clock start puasa
and around 9 o'clock baru boleh break fast
really excited to know weather i'm able to fast or not
senior said,, we can break fast if we can't stand, hehehe
you are the one who choose to live and study here
so you have to adapt and overcome, that's all you can do.
you must constantly change and adapt to a new environment
Viel Gluek Laika! Du shaffst das!


  1. ko xleh tahan sbb ko kaki tdo. XD

  2. Viel Glueeeeeeeekk (tiru ejaan laika). Du schaffst das!!!

  3. ha...!! xkn xnk puasa kot nnt.... hehe.....