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Friday, May 6

Being brilliant is no great feat if you respect nothing

time    : about 6.30p.m
place  : dalam train (U-Bahn)

mood gembira baru lpas mkn seafood
tiba2 datang plak geng2 gila
memalukan german
they shouldn't live here
bcoz they don't have manner

kami asian memang la muka x matang macam korang
but kami educated
we don't let others step on us

geng geng gila tu mmg lah gila
x ada angin ribut tiba2 pggil org "bitch"
dah la xkenal,, xpenah jumpa,, tiba2 cari pasal
org mls la nk perasan,, kot lah diorang pggil org lain
tiba2 diorang main jentik2 tudung pulak kan
rileks lagi la,, bcoz kakak BTN said, kami duta kecil Malaysia
we don't have to bother about silly2 things

but then tiba2 dia maen ludah2,,
oh my god! 
habis tudung org
ini mmg xboleh jadi
suddenly my english become so fluent
org pon terkejut
terdiam bdak2 tu kene marah

but actually they couldn't speak english
they can only answer yes and no
instead of saying "turn", they pronounce "durn"
hahahahaha bongek
they should improve their english first
before they dare to disturb us

so finally we are da winner
bcoz i don't think so that 
they can understand what we said
even though we didn't use any bombastic words
and for u girls,, i would like to translate for u
1)was ist deine problem?
2)benehmen Sie sich
3)Germany ist ihre Land und sie sollen darauf stolz sein
4)und bitte verbessern sie sich ihre Englisch

muka kami nmpk mcm kids but we are 20 ok
and our english are damn much better than u
please respect others if u would like others to respect u
treat others as u want them to treat u
bcoz wat goes around comes around


  1. waa...
    marah nmpaknyer makcik nie...
    erm,2 r,suh join geng usrah xnak...
    kalo join,msti xkene kaco...hahahha

  2. mst ayat kaw2 kn mse mrh dorg?? huhu.... ape la dorg ni... xde moral lgsung...