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Sunday, August 7

Alangkah Indahnya...

semalam kakak senior dtg berbuka dengan kitorang
best gila berbuka
banyak sangat makanan
tapi malangnya terlupa nk amek gambo
super excited pulak

and i learned 1 more thing
how to be the best person in this world (mutaqin)
1) forgive and forget
2) restrain anger 
3)  spend [in the cause of Him ] during ease and hardship
4) always be a good girl or boy (helpful, hardworking ext)
( 3:134)

And hasten to forgiveness from your Lord 
and a garden as wide as the heavens and earth, 
prepared for the righteous

even God can forgive His servants
we also should forgive those people who hurt us
because we have no right to keep the anger
we are at the same level
we are His servants..

jom kita maafkan semua orang sebelum tido
alangkah indahnya dunia kalau semua manusia memaafkan
satu sama lain tanpa perlu meminta maaf
gudnyte semua
tsch├╝ss und viel Erfolg

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