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Sunday, July 31

Let's take the challenge from AIMAN AZLAN

so u would like us to take the challenge?
yes we will
for those who doesn't understand what i'm saying
here's the video about the challenge

but we don't have so much time to make such video
but we do love our mom and dad

this is how we express our love
Dear my Papa and Mama, 
I know you won't read this blog post as Laika's blog is not so popular like Hanis Zalikha's blog.
But it's okay. So, here it is.
You know that your daughter is not good at showing my love. Since now I am not yet married, so Mohamed Din Ismail and Seri Banun Abdul Hamid, I love you so much. 
Siti Nurhaliza's song; Bukan Cinta Biasa is for you guys. 

anyeong haseyo mama abah
actually it's quite awkward to express my love to both of u
but i try ~hehe~
so thanx for all the things that u have done for me
i really appreciate it and i'll try to pay back as much as i can
stay healthy and stay romantic
i love u soooo much
from HANI RAHAYU but speech from ANONYMOUS
Ayu loves her parents. And also her boyfriend. Makcik pakcik tolong restu hubungan mereka okay?
Cinta Ayu terlalu abstrak, tak dapat diucapkan dengan kata kata. Plus Ayu memang pemalas. Malas dengan Ayu macam muzik dengan irama, tak dapat dipisahkan. 
Ayu dah tahu couple tu haram, so..
Saya (Ayu, bukan saya yang menulis ni, saya yang menulis ni ialah kawan kepada pemilik blog ni) sayang mak ayah saya dan juga bakal mak mertua saya.

so conclusion, we love u, mom and dad
live from cologne Germany

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