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Saturday, July 2

8 boring weeks

hello guys
today i would like to share 
my working experience in Germany.
Am i working?? 
it's not actually working it's practical
many asking why is it so early?
bcoz here in Germany we do practical 
before we enter university(Fachochschule)
it is called "vorpraktikum"

i'm doing practical in the electrical field
wow i hate electric so much
since form 4 
i want to study aircraft 
and i thought that i will do my practical in the mechanical field
but it's wrong
in al-Quran states not everything that u like is good for u
and not everything u hate is not good for u
only He knows what is good for u

so i just accept my fate
try to adapt and accept
what makes me so enjoy working is
instead of playing with the circuits
i made lots of bangles

 uniform kerja (safety come first)
rasa dah msuk group teletubies gitu
 main litar
first circuit (on off lamp)
 second circuit (on off motor)
model gelang and cincin 1
 model gelang and cincin 2
model gelang 3

seniors are right
vorpraktikum is boring
i have 6 more weeks to go
aja aja fighting!


  1. Laika...comeinya uniform...
    akak tak pernah pakai...
    very creative..dari litar ke gelang

  2. woooo..... awk comel lah! haha.. mst best kn dpt main litar tu...

  3. awk!!! comelnye teletubbies!!! bwk blk satu teletubbies!!! owh awk sgt hebat psg litar yg sy tak penah2 berjaya buat time kemahiran hidu dahulu kala ==" tabik spring lah awak!!! n one more,..buatkan la satu bangle utk saye,..mcm gmbar bangle yg 1st tuh!!! thnx. ok bai.