A pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity An optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty

Thursday, June 23

Thanx abah

Every cloud has a silver lining
why i said so
coz after few years abah suddenly said
"ok,, amek la aircraft kalau itu yang terbaik"
gembira gila gila gila

Malaysia is different from Germany
in Malaysia, friends will not affect ur desicion
but here, it's better for u not to go any university alone
u might go back Malaysia early 
becoz u can't adapt and accept the environment
dan seterusnya gila
(itulah pesan senior)
but if u think u are good enough
then go on

antara automotive dan aircraft
i choose aircraft 
becoz i don't dare to do automotive alone
and i love aircraft so much
the idea to do automotive come out from abah
and i think its a good idea
becoz transportation here is superb
but what to do
suddenly my Friend, who should go with me
doing automotive together
change her mind and want to do something else

even though it is quite surprising
but its better to change ur mind now
rather than changing ur mind 
when u already enter the university

thanx abah and please pray for me
that i can do it and finish my study on time
i'll try my best
love u

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  1. Hi hi blogger. Sorry for causing all these troublesome. Sorry. =)